Friday, June 14, 2024


The International Journal of Social Sciences “Vizione” (Visions) continues to be intellectuals’ representative, with the commitment to investigate the essential problems of the society, and based on scientific theory, to find a proper solution. In this regard, we remain with our purposes that: a citizen becomes an active subject in all political and economical forms of organization, whereas the political culture becomes a prerequisite for a democratic environment and legitimacy in a social life with others and within our own Albanian area. The democratic, national and religious values balanced with the standards of Euro-Atlantic integrations, should be provided for democratic articulations of the various political, economic, social and cultural interests, which through social practice, will be functional in democracy building. By creating a competitive environment, as a contemporary imperative, in the acquisition of values, through differences in approach and thinking differently, as well as by knowing yourself better, will enable to create a civilized culture to acknowledge other cultures. This will create an understandable environment for cultivating intellectual critical observations for professional scientific studies.

In the International Journal of Social Sciences “Vizione” (Visions), social processes in the state-legal field will be transmitted and studied, by focusing in the cultural area, and will attempt to unite creative powers with the purpose to enlighten our cultural space; to positively affect the creative intellectual climate; will examine issues dealing with the situation and interconnections of different parts of our nation in the Balkans and the Diaspora; will encourage and motivate intellectuals’ engagement in scientific and professional activities; comparative studies will be encouraged for mutual affirmation of the people in the Balkan, and will contribute to enlighten their historical connections; for a comprehensive cooperation between people living in our country, in the Balkans and in Europe.